Tuesday, December 13, 2011

video post

The main  ting that we what the player to learn about are game is that we shold do something to save the pandas because they really need are help and if we do not help them they well get extinct and that is really sad because they are really intresting animals and they are really cute too.
    We disaided to do pandas because we love pandasv and they are really cute,because they are really getting extinct and because they are really interesting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

papa`s pizzaria

I played a game that you have to make pizzas for the clients and i kept on getting frustrated because there is a like four steps and so i keeps on doing the wrong thing.so the clients kept on getting mad at me and they would not pay meat all so now I'm mad at them because why do they have to ask to much things?Then there are alot of costumers and so if i do not hurry up they well go away.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bee game

If  I could do an action game aboute what is happining to the bees the game woulde be like this.I would have a bee talk to this scintist or something and the bee well tell the scientist that all of his fammily is dieng and his friend are ding to.The scientist well gather more people and together they well inbistageit what is happining to the bees and they well ask people that they take care of the bees and talk to them and they well introuviuew them to see if they had seen enithing weard but your job well be to protect the bee because all sorts of people well try and kill the poor bee because they hate bees.That well be my game.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Choosing a topic

I choose the topic grizzly bears because i think that bears are really interesting by the ways that they eat and they act.What i love about grizzly bears is that they are really gentle with there cubs.What is so amassing about grizzly bears is that when the males and females meided the males live and live the female by its self knowing that they are pregnant and then in the winter is when a new bear is born and they first see the wight blanket falling in the ground that is the snow.yo can find all this information on




Friday, October 14, 2011

Darfure is dieng (diffrent movie)

          What i learned by paleyng the game Darfur is Dieing is this.I learned that people get killed a lot and that if they trap you getting water They take you with them and Kalle you or if you are a girl the rape you or abuse you.
         No i do not think that the characters have enihing different because they are all suffering the same suffer.I think that the pearson that made that game diret like that with alot of carachters so you could see that i lot of people have to go get water and they get killed well not all ove them.

         I think that they madde the game aboute going to there houses because it was informative so you coulde see what you have to do.A nothere is so you coulde see how much watere they need.e
        I think that they put that you coulde send a messege to the president or puted on facebook because they whant to spred the world and becasue they whant the presedent to know what is happening.
         The game helped me understand the game because it showes you how dengres it is to go get water because you can get killed.The other one is because youi coule see that wen you go get water every body is counting on you because every one and every thing needs water to survive.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darfur is dieng

    I learned a lot of things on that movie and that game like.On Darfur is not fear because the army can just take people when they whant and even attack the innocent people even kisd and babyes.Because of that kids what revenge and i doant think that it is right for a kid to whant revenge on othere people that is just not right.Also i learn that a lot of people and kids get killed because they just go and get water and they have to be hidding because if they see them then the boys well get killed and the grils well get raped i feal really sorryfor the people who gor raped and killed.Thats what i learned.
       I  think the game affected more on me because i coulde feal what they were going through and because you coulde see what they were doing and how the truck followd them .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miny game

I would like my game to be a action game because i love wen it has action.I like action games because they are relly cool because you run and soemtimes you have a lot of action a real lot action.Soem time i like mystery because you get to look for stuff and it is fun only some times.I really doant know what els to put bye.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Be The Change

On Saturday we went to PEACE PARK it was really fun because i got to help plants and people and i got to be with my friends adn have fun at the same time.When we were all done i fealt REALLY  produde of my sellf and every body because we just didi some thing good for the envoyerment and yes it was kainda hard but it was really fun at the same time because i got to help the comiuniti with my best friends so it was pretty cool so that maide me feal really happy,suprised,andproude of my self.I would really love to do a nothere serves learning projet but this time if we coulde i would lovet if we coulde do a serves learning project on animals helping animals because i think it woulde be really fun and intresting at the same time.On saturday we had a coise we couled ethere lode the wagend of dirt,take the wagens with the dirt to the trees and bring them back,water the plants,and spred the dirt i chuse to loade the wagens with dert because i thought that it was going to be fun and ges what it was fun because i coulde loade the wagens with my friend.Thats what we did on Saturday it was really fun one of the best serves learning trips we had :>!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miny Game

Today e were soppose to finish are miny game.A miny game is like a video gamme but little and it onlly has a bunny,carrot,wolf,aand a pizza so it is not to fun to play but i well tell you wat is fun aboute the miny game.When it is fun is wen you get to make all the pictures move and go back thats it thats the fun part the frustereiding part is wen you paste a action and it dosent work and you cheket with a nothere pearson and it is the same and hers workes but yours dosent o my god i just got frusteraided just sainet.A nothere good part is wen you get to help your neighbor for the first time.Now the wors part of  alll the miny game if forgetting you flash drive at your house on the last day that you coulde work onet and even more if  you diret more than have way by you sellf tahts the worst part of all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Children of Heaven

On Friday we finished watching the movie Children of Heaven and iam going to give you a summary what it was aboute:).A boy named Aly had his sister's shoes and so he went shpping for food and somebody stole the shes so now her sister has no shes to go to school with so Aly told his sister to not worry because they can share shoes sinse she goase to school first she can take his shoes and hi well be weiting for her and they well trade shes so then he enters a racing competetion of running so if he winnes thred plase he coulde win a pare of snikers but he dose not win thred place he winnes firs pals so wen he goase home he is sad asn so is his sister.

I thought at firs that Mouslems were mine and aggresive but when I sall this movie I sall that they are pretty nice acctually,I thought that they woulde alwayse be killing peole but no they were all nice to each othere,i thought that they would alwaise be planning to heart the american people or othere people frome countries but no they onlly woring aboute getting to school early,mony,and clothes so they were nothing like i thought they would be like they are preaty nice.I think Ali is really nice,carring,sensitive ,and helpful because he gives things ti her sister that she might like or that he winnes at  school,tried to get stuff his familly might need that is why i think Alli is all that that i said.
Coulture of irian I chose this artical because it discrbes really well
To best understand Iran, its related societies and its people, one must first attempt to acquire an understanding of its culture. It is in the study of this area where the Iranian identity optimally expresses itself. Hence the first sentence of prominent Iranologist Richard Nelson Frye's latest book on Iran reads:

"Iran's glory has always been its culture." [1]
Iranians were not only open to other cultures, but freely adapted to all they found useful. Thus an eclectic cultural elasticity has been said to be one of the key defining characteristics of the Persian spirit and a clue to its historic longevity.[2] Furthermore, Iran's culture has manifested itself in several facets throughout the history of Iran as well as that of Central Asia.
The article uses the words Persian and Iranian interchangeably, sometimes referring to the language and its speakers, and other times referring to the name of pre-20th century Iran, a nomenclature which survives from western explorers and orientalists. Both are not the same however, and the cultures of the peoples of Greater Persia are the focus of this article.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Single story

To have a single story means to assume thing about how you look or,you talk,or how you act and so like if you are skin colored they might think that you are Mexican  and they well just start talking in spanish and you might might not even be Mexican or if you are Mexican but if you are light colored skin they mighty just think that you only talk in english and you might not even talk english because you might think you are Mexican.This might even get you mad or it might even heart your feelings because they are judging you by your skin color and that is not fair.I have herd a lot of  single stories like "thais time my friend went to this stor and she was with hher mom and dad and they were skind colord  so a light man colord skin sayd to them in spanish "you should not be hear you have to live because you are onlly poludig are cline are" and my frien dirent even spick spanish they were frome hear Austin so she was comfused.I herded frome my friend and i could ask her abaute more information and she well agre.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Now I know a little more about cyberbuling and iam going to tell you wat I know.I know that cyberbulling can really hert people and if you are the  one that is bulling you doant even know that you are hearting someone because you cant see them bet through that computer somebody is really getting hert.I know that cyberbulling can cause people to think of  killing them self's some parents find out on time but sadly others aren't  on time are way to laight so kids do kill them self's and that is very sad especially because they had a hole life in front of theme and so they just waisted there life because they well not be able to injoy yet so that is not fare for that pearson and the bullies won't feal berry good of them self's and if they are proud of them self that means that they really doant have a hart.If you are getting cyberbullied you can tell a groan up and they well know wat to do but doant text them bad things back because they well just know that they are hearting you so they well not stop so never text them back just tell a groan up and so they well tell some other grown up that can block them.I have never been bullied,i do not know if some won is being building iam told ally not a bullied.The movie was about this girl named Tailor that has dis two best friends but a friend traded her so she bullied Tailor and she tried to kill her self but she direntt so she went to this clinic for victims of bulling and she got a lot better so she went back to school and stud up for all of the victims of bulling that was the end.I think i could stop that if peple  just knew that it is not worthet to kill yourself  just because peole are telling you bad stuff and making fun of you that way they would stop killing them selfs because I doant think that it is worthet it just isn't or at list that is wat i think.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My firs day of 7th grade

Today Iam going to tell you how my first day of  7th grade was.My first day on 7th grade was not as bad as i thought because i was scared that i was not going to have eny classes with my friends so i was a little scared i had butterflies on my stomach it felt like if i was new in this school.I dirent really want to get out of my mom's car but i just took some big breaths and i calmed my self down.Wen i got in the school i found Jessica so we walked together to the new cafeteria the we got are scetuales and sall how many classes we had together we only had a few together so then Madison got heare and we had three classes together so i got a little disappointed because i really wanted to be  in all of her classes but then i got over et.Wen i was going to my classes i was a little frustrated because like they moved all of the classes to diferent rooms and everything that i did not know were each class was but gladly the teachers helped me so i was not tardy to any of them.I was happy because i maid a lot of new friends and got to see my old friends and by the way there are a ton of six graters so on the parking lot there is a huge traffic line it gets really annoying that is wat i doant like about the school it is not the bad annoyng the good annoying.Bay.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sea world\shlitterbon

Yesterday was one of my best days because I went so sea world and it was so fun and every body was really hipper.There was a lot of  rides there was a ride that was called the great white shark and another one that was called steal eal those were my favorite ones but my very favorite one is great white shark because is has loops onet.The rides that I got on was a little river one,horses,and a fish one ,the other one I dirent really ride dis one I  just sanded there and I would get wet really wet.Those were the rides that were my favorite.On Friday i am going to go to shlitterbon because i got no referrals.It is going to be so exiting because it is going to be my first time going there bet I'm not going to be with my friends because they got refealds I'm the only one that did not got refeals.I'm so exited i cant wait.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apollo 13

Today we finished the movie Apollo 13.It is a really good movie because it is really sad and you are like really exited because you are wandering if they well maket alive or not.My favorite part was wen they maded alive because they were really nice people but most inportain because the man had a family and i ges the other ones to that is why that was my favorite part.The part that i dirent like was when this dood was dieng i thought that he really was going to die the othere part that i dirent like was when the pland that they were making they kepped failing i just haded that parts.I fealt really scared when the oxegen whent out because i thought that they were going to die and i fealt like cring to but of happines because thaty were finally saved.Well that is it good bay.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lighning Thief:}

Yesterday we started reading The Lightning Thief I well tell you what it is about.There is this boy that his name is Percy Jackson and he has changed schools six times in six years.He has a friend names Gregor and he and a enemy named Nancy so one time they were going to a museum and Nancy was throwing penut butter so Percy got mad and starded saing stof to Nancy so Nancy starded saing stof back and all of a sudent she was in the fountain but Percy did not even touch her bet she yeald out"Percy pushed me"until Ms.Doots helped her up and tried to callmed her down ansaid to Percy"now sweat heart I have to talke to you" so they went to a room and starded talking and all of a sudent she was a vanpire and so Mr.Bruner gave him a pen that transformed in a sword so he killded Ms.doots .Every body saised that they did not know who was Ms.Doots.Why did they said that they did not know her?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My besties:]

Today I'm going to write abaut my freands.My first friend is Ileana she is my best freand i hang out with her because she understands my probleams and i understand her.My otherefreand is AndreaL.she is realy cuaite ans real calm i like her because every time that i need help she helps.My other freand is Joyce she is really funny and sometimes she can be really loud.My othere freand is Madison i know that ebry boty knows her well she is really funny and a good freand.My othre freand is Andre'nae she is a really nice freand to.My othere freand is NatalieO. she is really nice to and a good freand she is alwais there for me.My othre freand is Jesica she is really nice if you are nice to her but if you are mean to her she can be preatty mean to.Least but not ,east is my best freand for eveyr and for life it is Monica the 6th grater she is the nicest gril i ever nown and she is really sweet to.Well thise are all of my bestties.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pick up trash

Today we went and pick up trash.I dirent really liket because it was really hot.A nothre reason is because it was nasty.A nothre one is because i doant think is fear to take the people that came the other saturday pickd ip trash i think they had to go to paint.That is what we did today.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Blog

My best blog is going to be about my weekend.On Saturday i told my mom that on Monday it was pajama day and i told her that i was going to take my tweedy pajama bet i dirent have pink shoes so she took me to by pink shoes and I'm wearing them right now.When we got home she said to let her know when we were hungry so she could take us to subway so like when two house passed we told her that we were hungry and she took us to subway it was really good.when we were done eating she took us to rent movies and there i sall Ariel so we just said hi to each other.When we got home we watched the movies and then we sall a scary movie so when it was over we went outside we play then when it was dark we whet inside and i plaid my DSi game like for One hour and when i stopped plaing it was twelve a clock so i feal asleep.On Sunday when i wok up we watches the movies again and then i called my grandma and asked her what she was doing and she said "nothing if you want to you can come over hear''so i asked my mom and she said yes so we went over to her house and we plaid with her and eat and my uncle took us to a park and when it started to rain we went back home and watched TV and nothing was there so i just plaid my DSi again and when it stopped raining we went outside again and i started to play jumrope so soon it got lait so we went home and i was super tiers so my mom said to hurry up because she couldn't drive berry well in the dark so we hurried up and when we got home i took a sower real quick and went to bed i was super tired.That's what i did on  my weekend it was real fun.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand and Delive

Today we finish the movie Stand and Deliver.I thought that it was a really good movie.Bet i did not like the part were they acoosed the kids of cheding.Now the part that i did like was wen the kids took the test again and prooved them self that they did not cheet.I like this movie is because it is sad and happy at the same time and because it can intertain you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The big test

Iem really nerves because of the Taks test I doant even know why it existes because that test just can ruen your hole life because what happens if you feal you are going to have to come to six grade again and that is not going to be pretty specially if you only have one chance that s what makes me rally nerves and it makes me feal like if Iem no ready.I might not do something special until i get my taks scores because what if i doant pass and i celebrate that would not make sents.A nother reason that Iem nerves is because i doant feal like if iam going to pass because i doant really feal ready is because it just came a little to urlly or at list that's what i think.A nothre one is because iam not good at math or reading and because when they tell you that you have to sleep early i cant i just doant get sleepy at all because i cant stop thinking of that mean test.A nothre one is because i doant feel confident on my self and i doant know why i think is because i have never flunked a grade because they give you at list two chances so i wasn't that nerves because i would get a nother chance that is why iam really nerves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ipad for kids

I doant have that many opinions bet i do have a fue and i well tell them to you.Well my first opinion is that it is really cool to have a ipad on your school because you can read a book onet and iem not shure that you can read a book on the computer .I think that there are a lot of edvanteges of using the ipad like yoou can keriet were ever you want like a loptop bet better because it can pfobably fit on your purs and on your backpack and theres a lot of more edvaneges of using a ipad bet it wouldent fit on this computer.I cant really think of any disedvantejes so i think that the ipad is really cooooooooool!!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Game DemoProsses

Some progress that i have made is that i em getting more good art and i think it is helping me in art because i am getting  creative.A nothere progress that o have made is i am paing more attention that is the best part of all.I have learn a lot of things on flash like making a game demo that is so cool because there is a lot of things to learn in flash you always learn something new.I also learn how to copy and paste bet actually i knew that since a long time a go.Well that is et bay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game demo questions

  • Intro screen:The name of my game is called tasty fractions
  • Team Introduction:ElizabethC made the hole game.
  • Audience:I em disining this game for people that nide help with equivalent fractions.
  • Gameplay:The rules are that you have to put the resses chocolates on there proper packages and the goal is that you have to win a lot of points as fast as you can.
  • Learning Goal:The player well learn from my game how to work with equivalent fractions.
  • Fun Factor:My game is fun because it has chocolates in the game and because it is really easy
  • Smart Factor:What you can learn frome this game is how easy is to do equivalent fractions.
  • Style Factor:I am not so sure what kind of music i well put on my game.
  • Originality Factor:I think my game well sell because it looks real fun and it is fun really fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playng games to find ideas

The game that i playd was called ballon tower defens it is a really cool game and fun to because you have to pop some bolloons.Because you have to know how much monie you have so you know what you can buy and what you can not buy.The game has a way to track score each time you pop a balloon you get poits.You get really exided to that's teh fun part.I have some ideas that i think well fit in to my game.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Proses Reflection

I did learn how to do something new on flash i learned how to do boo tens isn't that so cool.I did create a really cool drawing it was a boo ten that was in shaped  like a star a really cool star. I was able to help some one els on there game i helped Giselle a little bet.My biggest challenge was that when ms.Valdez was showing us how to make boo tens my computer dirent work so i had to move to number seventeen i think so i had to start all over again.I feel proud of my self because for the firs time ever i made something by my self with out anybodies help.I'm so happy that i did a boo ten by my self because it was the first thing i did by my self.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A viset frome president Obama

   Dear presedent Obama i would love you to come to my school and this is why.First reason so i would not like this school bet love this school secon reason is because I edmire you a really lot that's why in forth grade i voted for you because they let us bote.A nothere reason why I think you should come to my school is because my school is really cool and very spesial because the teachers are really nise especially the prinsibles and because  in thise school we do so fun  much activitis and they really expire us to pass the TASKS test and to go to college and to not be in to gangs. That's why  i think you President Obama.
                                                                                                      From:Elizabeth Cornelio

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think blogging is really good for you because it is faster than writing and it is fun at the same time.Another risen is because you can check your spelling really easily and you can see which words you spelled wrong and why.I some boy would want to take away blogger from me I ould tell them how blogger has helped me and why I neded her are some risens why i nedet.Number one because it can help me on my reading projects and number two because it really helps on my spelling because I'm no so good at spelling I just click were it has a little check mark and it well highlight all of the words that i miss spelled.That is why i need blogger.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Primate pile up

I just played a game in cool math and i got a little of ideas for my game>The first idea is that I'm going to have a lot or parrots in my game and that they are going to make a latter to catch there food because they can't fly because they are hurt so they cant fly.A nother idea is that they are going to have to be in the rorest and there are going to be some preteters so tey are going to work togethere to be alive.A nother idea is that they well have to try to look for a home.Those are my ideas.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whatever it takes

There was a School that was a really strekt school and i think they said that that was a school that maked you really smart.A lot of people whanted to go to that school because it makes you really smart bet onlly eight out of ten people got asepted and sadlly it wasent ressel she at first got assepted bet then they sended a note that sadlly she wasent asepted it was a mestake and that they were really sorry for tehre mestake.A boy skip school just to go buy and get drugs i think that that is really rong to do because you are saing that you pefer to fuen your life then have a good carrer.A lot of mom's are worried of there kids because they might be doing drugs.That's what the movie is abaut bay.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The wizard

The movie The wizard ia abaut this boy called Jimie that he want's to go to Califormia bet the police finds him and get's him and so now they whant to put him in a home bet he has a step brother that really likes him and so he escapes from his hose and goas to Jimis home and gets him and ascs him if he want's to go to California and he sais yes and on ther way to california they meet a gril and they find out that Jimie is a wizard on the video games.LAter they enter Jimie on a video game contest and if he wins he can win $50,000.So they go all the way to California bet they see that a men is tryng to cach them so itv is not that esy to go because a lot of things and people get on there way so they have to be carful at the end they win the game contest they even bet Lucas the bes player i was suprises when that happend that was the best movie i ever sall.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break

I havet all planed aready i'ts going to be wonderful because the first day's i'm going to waik up late then i'm going to eat breakfeast then wach tv thean play and then wach tv then go to my grama's hose and play with my little cosens then go to the rodio then i doant know what ells bet i just know that is going to be really fun.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


  In 5 years I think I well still be in this school because this school is really long I well come to this school until I can go to college so right nowI'm 11 years old in 5 years I well be abaut 16 or 17 because I'm almost 12 years old I think I well be taking art classes because I  just love art.In  10 years I well be abaut 21 or 22 years old and college and studing art and the carrier  that i whant to work which is a lowyer.In 15 years I well be 26 or 27 years old and I well still be in college still studing how to be a lowyer and going to p.e clases  and art calasses and maiby just maiby music classes.Thats what well be doing in 5 years,10 years,and 15 years taht's how I predict my futer.How do you predict your futer.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper protertype reflection

To me making a paper prototype is helping me a real lot with my game because when making a game and you make a minny game you kinda get more ideas for your real game like for example:my game was tasty fractioms i put some things that i whant to put in the big game in the real one.That's how this minny game is helping me in the real one.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My favorite class

One of my favoryt class is art and this is why.My favorit class is art because when i paint or do some thing i can expers my fellings i can say if i feal sad,happy,or eny other feallings because they say that art is the onlly thing you can really expres your fellings.A nother thing is because the teacher is funny and really nice and because we have a lot of fun because i feal like if i was not in school and the best thing is because i can be with my best fren Monica.Hear are some other things because i doant have a assine site and i can talk whail i do my work and because thears a lot of my fernds in that class.My other favorite class is serves learning because we wach a lot of good movies and because we have importaint visetors and because we have alot of feal trips bet speachelly because Ms.Any is really nice to.Those are my favorit classes.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Malcom X

Today we finished the movie Malcom X.It was a really good movie he dirent like the way that the white people treated them so he specked up and sayd ''it is not fair how white people treat us we are all humans''.Malcom had a wife so she got pregnant and so Malcom was a dad and he had a daughter.One day some one kept on calling them whith out ensering or if they enswed they wuld say that they wuld kill malcom so he better wach out so she was scared and worride.One day somebody puted a bomd at malcom's hose and almost died with the kid's bet fortonetly he got out.A nothr day when malcom was speaking 2 men shot him more than 10 times and died .That was not fair he died when he was 39 years old.Not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paper prototype

This game is calld Tasty Fractions and i namdet like that for a reason because my game is abaut Resses choclets and choclets are tasty that's why i namedet like that i think is a preaty tasty tile.

More thought on globaloria

My opinion has changed a lot because when I was in Metz Elementary School it was fun and easy.When I got to this school it was a hole lot harder because the things that i did was new and i had never used things like flash,blogger,and wiki.At first I imaged that I would keep doing the same things like  tipe to learn and all that.Now that I know all this by memory i think this is not bad at all and is really fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globaloria Reflection

One thing that I have learned in globaloria is how to make a game and how to work in a group.My favorite thing about  my globaloria class  is the teacher because she always explain everything really well and she teaches well to i doant think there well be a better teacher than her.I think being in globaloria well help me in the future because my mom seis that now in all kinds of works i well need a computer and i love computers i think that they are really cool they can do all kind of things they are awsome.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom

The main message is that if you miss behave you mite have to fine a activity that you like i know this because in the movie the teacher sead that the kids that were trouble makers when they founded out that they like to dance the bad kids started to behave better because they found something some thing that they like to do and they diret really well.They diret how they so post to doet and the best thing of all is not that they won [the violet time won] the importaint thin is that they had a ton of fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Learning Goal

My topic is animals that are geting extinct i like this topic because i like a lot of animals and most of them are getting extinkt because they are kiling thetr homes ir becayse they are taking there skin or and it is not fair.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mad hot ballroom

The movie was cainda good no that much because it was a little confusing well this is what i got for my notes.A lot of  kids are interesting in dancing.They dance cumbia and hip-hop and a lot of more.Some grils say that they doant fellal comfortable dancing with the teacher because the teacher is a men and they are grils.They were talking about how the fell about drugs and they now that drugs are bad for them and they know that they shouldn't get close to drunk guys because for bring grils stuff can happen to them.The boys are talking about who they like and that grils are anoyng.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ogen Trail

Who do you think this game was made for?
I think this game was made for people that like to trabel.

What doas the player sees and do?
The player sees a lot of writing and the player doas play.

What are the rules and haw do you win?
The rules are that you can't yous the mose and you win by geting to organ save and sound.

What is the goal of the game?
The goal of the game is to get to orgen.

What well the player learn by playng this game?
The palyer can learn what he/she can need if you whant to go to Oregon.

What makes this game fun for the player?
The game is fun because you can go hunting.

What kind of grafhic/animations are in this game?
The car moves.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Some of the advantages of working in a group is that i doant have to do all the work by my self and a disadvantages are that they almost never agree with me.A nother thing is that when some body is absent you have to doet all by your self and i doant like to do work all by my self  because is boring and if you are work in teams you can express your feelings not like what you think about that pear son bet like about what you think abaut the game or the project that you are doing like if you liket or if you doant liket you can say that you doant liket.Some other thing is that you get a lot of help.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pact

What i learned from the movie is that what you see in the street's is not always good for you like if you see some people having drugs doant pay attention to them you can be better than that.Yes i did have a little connection with the movie the connection is that when ever i get a good grade my mom bays me ace crweam or wat ever i want be t not to spencive that's my connection.I do have a quastion did the little gril get enny better.I really liked this movie because the kid was relly brevev because hi dirent have a dad bet he dirent stop just for that he kept going to school and studyd relly hard and joinded sports.The mom was relly brave to because to her child she was a mom and a dad to and still she kept going and she had a relly sick dotter bet that dirent stop her that's wat i relly like abaut this movie.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What are you reading?

The book that I'm reading is called Bone.I like this kind of book's  because is not to hard or to easy to reed is just the perfect kind of level that i like to reed.So far is about a little  kriter that is called Bone and has 2 friends one is reach and the other 1 is cainda dome and they have a friend that is a live or some thing and is really tine and they have a  friend that is a lady and her garama there were they live some ivel rats distroid there home so now theres nothing on there and so they are really sad.What i like most about the book is that Bone is kainda small bet his really breve.I really doant have a connection with the  book that I'm reading bet i think if some one is in trubel i think Bone is going to save them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break

My winter break was kinda fun because on chritsmas i got some clothes and the best part a Nintendo dsi .My little bother got a fire fairer truck and 2 racing car's and like a puzzle were the car race so the cars could race.My mom got a machine to make juice or some thing.On new year we went to my garama's hose which i doant that much and my garama made tamales,posole ponche,,and tacos it was rally good.I really doant know if  I'm glad to come back  I'm and I'm not glad.Yes because i was a littele bord on the hose just waching tv and because i can waik up late.No because i have to wake up early,do homework,right alot and because the classes are a little borin sometimes.Sinse i have more resens for no i ges i'm not to happy to come back to school.Well bay.