Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spirit of the marathon

A marathon is when alot of people that run for about 26 miles but only one makes it to the finish line first.I think a lot of people choose to do marathons because they want to change there weight or they just do et  for fun because some people like to run for fun and because they know that by doing that its is going to change there lives in a good way hope fully.I really liked Jerry Mayors because he at his age he still keeps on running that is just amazing because he has runed  for a long time.He really likes to run because he has runned for a long time but he had not runned for a while until her dougter wanted to run so he started to run with her so he started to run again.That is why i like his story better because he is a really strong man.People were motivated by there families or they did not even have to be motivated they just disided that they wanted to run and that is it and they were training every day they would run every day each day it would get easier for them to run a littler farder because there mussels would develop for running

Friday, May 11, 2012

My game

My final game is about  endangerment animals from the north pole.The penguin that is in the game you have to save et the penguin is in level one you have to help the penguin jump in each ice with out falling because if you fall you loose because the penguin died.In level two you do the same thing but with a seal but this time there are dangerous ice because they are broken and if you jump in them the ice well brake and you well loose so you have to get the seal to the big strong ice to.What i liked about my game is that i gored to be how i actually wanted like how i imagined to be,the game is fun,and because the animals are really cute.Things that i did not like about my game is that i did not finish the game i did not get to finish level two,level one is not quite finished it dose not go to the page that said you loose or you win,and the last thing that i did not like about the game is that the game could maybe been a little harder on level one because i think even a 3 year old could passed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Game Reflection

What i have learned through the year is that is that sometime somethings can be really hard but you just have to try and do et.Another thing that i learned this year is that it is better to work in a group because too heads is better than one and because if i do not know how to do something maybe my partner might know.The last thing that i learned is that making a game can be really challenging  but you can still do et.Something  new that learned how to do in flash is how to decorate things like make them glow and make them way prettier. I really like that because it  makes everithing look really cool.In my game i forgot to us et though.Some things that i have gotten better at is at drawing and i learned new things to that makes my drawing even easier because its like a huge short cut.Learning new stuff is really good and really fun because it makes your life much easier0.Now when i get stuck like in flash i feel more confident that i can figeret out by my self.I think because i have  used more flash now so now i feel more confident.I have learned something very inportaint while doing my game i learned that many animals are suffering because of globalwarming they are loosing there famillies and there homes and its are fault to because we keep on using cars and we donot pick up trash that what i learned.