Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand and Delive

Today we finish the movie Stand and Deliver.I thought that it was a really good movie.Bet i did not like the part were they acoosed the kids of cheding.Now the part that i did like was wen the kids took the test again and prooved them self that they did not cheet.I like this movie is because it is sad and happy at the same time and because it can intertain you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The big test

Iem really nerves because of the Taks test I doant even know why it existes because that test just can ruen your hole life because what happens if you feal you are going to have to come to six grade again and that is not going to be pretty specially if you only have one chance that s what makes me rally nerves and it makes me feal like if Iem no ready.I might not do something special until i get my taks scores because what if i doant pass and i celebrate that would not make sents.A nother reason that Iem nerves is because i doant feal like if iam going to pass because i doant really feal ready is because it just came a little to urlly or at list that's what i think.A nothre one is because iam not good at math or reading and because when they tell you that you have to sleep early i cant i just doant get sleepy at all because i cant stop thinking of that mean test.A nothre one is because i doant feel confident on my self and i doant know why i think is because i have never flunked a grade because they give you at list two chances so i wasn't that nerves because i would get a nother chance that is why iam really nerves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ipad for kids

I doant have that many opinions bet i do have a fue and i well tell them to you.Well my first opinion is that it is really cool to have a ipad on your school because you can read a book onet and iem not shure that you can read a book on the computer .I think that there are a lot of edvanteges of using the ipad like yoou can keriet were ever you want like a loptop bet better because it can pfobably fit on your purs and on your backpack and theres a lot of more edvaneges of using a ipad bet it wouldent fit on this computer.I cant really think of any disedvantejes so i think that the ipad is really cooooooooool!!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Game DemoProsses

Some progress that i have made is that i em getting more good art and i think it is helping me in art because i am getting  creative.A nothere progress that o have made is i am paing more attention that is the best part of all.I have learn a lot of things on flash like making a game demo that is so cool because there is a lot of things to learn in flash you always learn something new.I also learn how to copy and paste bet actually i knew that since a long time a go.Well that is et bay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game demo questions

  • Intro screen:The name of my game is called tasty fractions
  • Team Introduction:ElizabethC made the hole game.
  • Audience:I em disining this game for people that nide help with equivalent fractions.
  • Gameplay:The rules are that you have to put the resses chocolates on there proper packages and the goal is that you have to win a lot of points as fast as you can.
  • Learning Goal:The player well learn from my game how to work with equivalent fractions.
  • Fun Factor:My game is fun because it has chocolates in the game and because it is really easy
  • Smart Factor:What you can learn frome this game is how easy is to do equivalent fractions.
  • Style Factor:I am not so sure what kind of music i well put on my game.
  • Originality Factor:I think my game well sell because it looks real fun and it is fun really fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playng games to find ideas

The game that i playd was called ballon tower defens it is a really cool game and fun to because you have to pop some bolloons.Because you have to know how much monie you have so you know what you can buy and what you can not buy.The game has a way to track score each time you pop a balloon you get poits.You get really exided to that's teh fun part.I have some ideas that i think well fit in to my game.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Proses Reflection

I did learn how to do something new on flash i learned how to do boo tens isn't that so cool.I did create a really cool drawing it was a boo ten that was in shaped  like a star a really cool star. I was able to help some one els on there game i helped Giselle a little bet.My biggest challenge was that when ms.Valdez was showing us how to make boo tens my computer dirent work so i had to move to number seventeen i think so i had to start all over again.I feel proud of my self because for the firs time ever i made something by my self with out anybodies help.I'm so happy that i did a boo ten by my self because it was the first thing i did by my self.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A viset frome president Obama

   Dear presedent Obama i would love you to come to my school and this is why.First reason so i would not like this school bet love this school secon reason is because I edmire you a really lot that's why in forth grade i voted for you because they let us bote.A nothere reason why I think you should come to my school is because my school is really cool and very spesial because the teachers are really nise especially the prinsibles and because  in thise school we do so fun  much activitis and they really expire us to pass the TASKS test and to go to college and to not be in to gangs. That's why  i think you President Obama.
                                                                                                      From:Elizabeth Cornelio

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think blogging is really good for you because it is faster than writing and it is fun at the same time.Another risen is because you can check your spelling really easily and you can see which words you spelled wrong and why.I some boy would want to take away blogger from me I ould tell them how blogger has helped me and why I neded her are some risens why i nedet.Number one because it can help me on my reading projects and number two because it really helps on my spelling because I'm no so good at spelling I just click were it has a little check mark and it well highlight all of the words that i miss spelled.That is why i need blogger.