Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apollo 13

Today we finished the movie Apollo 13.It is a really good movie because it is really sad and you are like really exited because you are wandering if they well maket alive or not.My favorite part was wen they maded alive because they were really nice people but most inportain because the man had a family and i ges the other ones to that is why that was my favorite part.The part that i dirent like was when this dood was dieng i thought that he really was going to die the othere part that i dirent like was when the pland that they were making they kepped failing i just haded that parts.I fealt really scared when the oxegen whent out because i thought that they were going to die and i fealt like cring to but of happines because thaty were finally saved.Well that is it good bay.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lighning Thief:}

Yesterday we started reading The Lightning Thief I well tell you what it is about.There is this boy that his name is Percy Jackson and he has changed schools six times in six years.He has a friend names Gregor and he and a enemy named Nancy so one time they were going to a museum and Nancy was throwing penut butter so Percy got mad and starded saing stof to Nancy so Nancy starded saing stof back and all of a sudent she was in the fountain but Percy did not even touch her bet she yeald out"Percy pushed me"until Ms.Doots helped her up and tried to callmed her down ansaid to Percy"now sweat heart I have to talke to you" so they went to a room and starded talking and all of a sudent she was a vanpire and so Mr.Bruner gave him a pen that transformed in a sword so he killded Ms.doots .Every body saised that they did not know who was Ms.Doots.Why did they said that they did not know her?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My besties:]

Today I'm going to write abaut my freands.My first friend is Ileana she is my best freand i hang out with her because she understands my probleams and i understand her.My otherefreand is AndreaL.she is realy cuaite ans real calm i like her because every time that i need help she helps.My other freand is Joyce she is really funny and sometimes she can be really loud.My othere freand is Madison i know that ebry boty knows her well she is really funny and a good freand.My othre freand is Andre'nae she is a really nice freand to.My othere freand is NatalieO. she is really nice to and a good freand she is alwais there for me.My othre freand is Jesica she is really nice if you are nice to her but if you are mean to her she can be preatty mean to.Least but not ,east is my best freand for eveyr and for life it is Monica the 6th grater she is the nicest gril i ever nown and she is really sweet to.Well thise are all of my bestties.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pick up trash

Today we went and pick up trash.I dirent really liket because it was really hot.A nothre reason is because it was nasty.A nothre one is because i doant think is fear to take the people that came the other saturday pickd ip trash i think they had to go to paint.That is what we did today.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Blog

My best blog is going to be about my weekend.On Saturday i told my mom that on Monday it was pajama day and i told her that i was going to take my tweedy pajama bet i dirent have pink shoes so she took me to by pink shoes and I'm wearing them right now.When we got home she said to let her know when we were hungry so she could take us to subway so like when two house passed we told her that we were hungry and she took us to subway it was really good.when we were done eating she took us to rent movies and there i sall Ariel so we just said hi to each other.When we got home we watched the movies and then we sall a scary movie so when it was over we went outside we play then when it was dark we whet inside and i plaid my DSi game like for One hour and when i stopped plaing it was twelve a clock so i feal asleep.On Sunday when i wok up we watches the movies again and then i called my grandma and asked her what she was doing and she said "nothing if you want to you can come over hear''so i asked my mom and she said yes so we went over to her house and we plaid with her and eat and my uncle took us to a park and when it started to rain we went back home and watched TV and nothing was there so i just plaid my DSi again and when it stopped raining we went outside again and i started to play jumrope so soon it got lait so we went home and i was super tiers so my mom said to hurry up because she couldn't drive berry well in the dark so we hurried up and when we got home i took a sower real quick and went to bed i was super tired.That's what i did on  my weekend it was real fun.