Monday, October 25, 2010


Today we finished the movie paper clips i liked this move because its a about  people collecting paper clips for the people that died like gains,lesbians.They collected more than 1,000 paper can you belie vet that's  a lot of paper clips.I would do the same thing.What i would like to learn this week about my game is how i can find more information.How i can find out more about the topic that i chased.How can i stop the animal abuse .That is what i want to learn.So far i have learned how to do research about are topic like for example i choose animal abuse so i go to google and rite wat i want to look for and in less than 10secons i get more than 15 things about animal abuse.Some athore thing that i learned to do is to evaluate are soars isn't that cool o and if you doant know what evaluate your sords is that means to See a page and See if it is safe i think that to learn to do this is rally cool weit what em i talking about its more than cool i doant know how to named bet what i do know is that is more than cool.Some other things that i would like to learn is how are we going to do are game and wen is the teacher going to tell us how is this going to work i mean like wen we are al done what are we going to do and isn't hard its because i have a tone of questions sorry can you ensewer please.Other things that we learned this week we learned that brain pop has a lot of information almost about everything like pollution,animal abuse,bulling can you blivet that is like so cool and you can take the quize and the games bet i dirent play the games because i dirent know if we were aloude.The part that i liked the most is when the teacher tolld us that we culd go to brain pop i almost screame because i was so exaided i think i was the first one to stande up that is all bai.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One way i think comunicating in the internet is importent is sending meseges because it dosent take that long .I like sending mesegges bicause its realy esy and fast and it is not hard to send a meseje.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What i can do to be healthier is being vegetarian so that way i wudent eat meet and i wudent get sick.If i stop meet i would stoeating  killing the pore cows because the more meet we eat meet the more cows we kill.What i would do to keep the planet healthier is tell every body the harm that they aer doing by eating meet and to be vegetarians maybe they wuld lisen to me .That way we would all stop gating sick that's what i would do to be healthy.
 THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


O my gosh i canot believe that today is the dance and i em invited and i brought clothes bet i brought two pares because i dirent know which one to put on so I'm going to asked friend which one to wear and the one she tels me that's the one i well wear.I was thinking to weare boots bet a girl told that it wurent look good on me bet i really doan care what she seas i care what mai friend tels me.I think a lot of people are going to go to the dance because i cant imagine some one missing the dance well only the people that have referral's bet if you doant you should go you shouldn't miss this opportunity that's what i think.I gust cant weite until the dace well that's all i have to say .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I choose the topic animal cruelty because animals are important to me and i love animals.This topic is important to me because i care about and because i think they should respect animals because they are like humans to and they have feelings to as well as us .Just becas they cant talk for theare selfs and sai "hey doant treatos like that just because we aren like you dosent mean you have the raites to treatos like that".

                           THE END

Monday, October 11, 2010


My biggest challenge on this class is i think having good grades because this class is a little hard for me bet i love computers that's why i like this class this is one of my favorite classes.Another challenge is paing atension i really doant no why bet somtimes i just  cant pay atension the more that i try i still cant so you just have to have a little more pacdients with me sorri.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have a lot of favorite animals and i em going to tell you which  ones they are.I  love the dogs because they are so cute and because you you never feel lonely and best of all you get to play with them!!.The other faborit animal is a hores because you get to ride them and its fun to ride them i think because i have neber ride a horse before bet i think its realy fu i hope so.And the last of all is the birds i love them because they sing and some iven talk i have two birdes bet those arent the ones that talk they just sing. THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


That are geting killd. My most meaningful movie i think it was INK FOOD because i felt sad for the animals because they give thear lives so we can eat and we just eat them like if we doan care  if the we arnt kiling nabodi bet we are we are kiling alot of animals and we doant even no if they have imfections.We doant no if they are sufering or enithing  bet worst of all we doant no if peaple are daing because the meat.I  wuld love to learn more abaute how we can save the animals and how to conbens the people to stop eating meat thats wat i want to learn more abaute.Mi thoughts are that i need to help doas animals.  .


Friday, October 1, 2010

My first day on EACPA

My first day on this school was cainda scary because it was not my school and it lookd cainda big to and i thoat thear was going to be boolis and the coach and thachars wear going to be mean espasiali the coach bet i was rong thei are realy nice to me and to ebribody.I was realy nearbes because i was wondering abaute the boolis and the rules bet wat i was most worid abaute was the prinsebal maibi shes realy meane or maybe shes realy nise that`s wat i was thinking abaute.Wen it was time to go to are class i had a littel problem because i was sent to the rong class so then they sent me and a frend  to are real class rooms.At the and of the school  i sed to my mom that all of the teachers wer realli nice even coach and that the prinsipal was reali nce to and that i love this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!