Friday, March 25, 2011

Primate pile up

I just played a game in cool math and i got a little of ideas for my game>The first idea is that I'm going to have a lot or parrots in my game and that they are going to make a latter to catch there food because they can't fly because they are hurt so they cant fly.A nother idea is that they are going to have to be in the rorest and there are going to be some preteters so tey are going to work togethere to be alive.A nother idea is that they well have to try to look for a home.Those are my ideas.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whatever it takes

There was a School that was a really strekt school and i think they said that that was a school that maked you really smart.A lot of people whanted to go to that school because it makes you really smart bet onlly eight out of ten people got asepted and sadlly it wasent ressel she at first got assepted bet then they sended a note that sadlly she wasent asepted it was a mestake and that they were really sorry for tehre mestake.A boy skip school just to go buy and get drugs i think that that is really rong to do because you are saing that you pefer to fuen your life then have a good carrer.A lot of mom's are worried of there kids because they might be doing drugs.That's what the movie is abaut bay.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The wizard

The movie The wizard ia abaut this boy called Jimie that he want's to go to Califormia bet the police finds him and get's him and so now they whant to put him in a home bet he has a step brother that really likes him and so he escapes from his hose and goas to Jimis home and gets him and ascs him if he want's to go to California and he sais yes and on ther way to california they meet a gril and they find out that Jimie is a wizard on the video games.LAter they enter Jimie on a video game contest and if he wins he can win $50,000.So they go all the way to California bet they see that a men is tryng to cach them so itv is not that esy to go because a lot of things and people get on there way so they have to be carful at the end they win the game contest they even bet Lucas the bes player i was suprises when that happend that was the best movie i ever sall.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break

I havet all planed aready i'ts going to be wonderful because the first day's i'm going to waik up late then i'm going to eat breakfeast then wach tv thean play and then wach tv then go to my grama's hose and play with my little cosens then go to the rodio then i doant know what ells bet i just know that is going to be really fun.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


  In 5 years I think I well still be in this school because this school is really long I well come to this school until I can go to college so right nowI'm 11 years old in 5 years I well be abaut 16 or 17 because I'm almost 12 years old I think I well be taking art classes because I  just love art.In  10 years I well be abaut 21 or 22 years old and college and studing art and the carrier  that i whant to work which is a lowyer.In 15 years I well be 26 or 27 years old and I well still be in college still studing how to be a lowyer and going to p.e clases  and art calasses and maiby just maiby music classes.Thats what well be doing in 5 years,10 years,and 15 years taht's how I predict my futer.How do you predict your futer.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper protertype reflection

To me making a paper prototype is helping me a real lot with my game because when making a game and you make a minny game you kinda get more ideas for your real game like for example:my game was tasty fractioms i put some things that i whant to put in the big game in the real one.That's how this minny game is helping me in the real one.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My favorite class

One of my favoryt class is art and this is why.My favorit class is art because when i paint or do some thing i can expers my fellings i can say if i feal sad,happy,or eny other feallings because they say that art is the onlly thing you can really expres your fellings.A nother thing is because the teacher is funny and really nice and because we have a lot of fun because i feal like if i was not in school and the best thing is because i can be with my best fren Monica.Hear are some other things because i doant have a assine site and i can talk whail i do my work and because thears a lot of my fernds in that class.My other favorite class is serves learning because we wach a lot of good movies and because we have importaint visetors and because we have alot of feal trips bet speachelly because Ms.Any is really nice to.Those are my favorit classes.