Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing to learn part 2

What i learned from the Choice  of games and genres is that games that are action are more fun and interesting because when you loose you just want to play again you don't want to just quit because you are into the game.Some game features that i noticed was that they all have a enemy ether like a person or a thing but they all have a obstacle and some games are really confusing.I have some questions: If we are making a action game do we have to have a obstacle?.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The most important thing i want my players to learn is that it is really important that they eat healthy that yes maybe junk food tastes way better than healthy food but junk food is bad for you and your body healthy food can help you grow and be smarter.I didn't really do much recherche about healthy food but i do know that healthy food can help you on a lot of stuff.I had a lot of ideas on how to make this game and all of them were awesome but i stayed with the simple idea because that way it wouldn't be as hard.The most difficult part of this game was getting all the timer to work and i still haven't gotten it to work and i don't know why because i checked the actions a bunch of times and everything is correct and i started all over an bunch of times too and i did everything correct but it still didn't work.

Friday, November 16, 2012

game ingredientrs

I faced a lot of problems because i tried to put a timer on my game but sosehow it would mess up the hole game so i had to kinda start all over from scrach.But i still dirnt get the buttons to work because every time it would mess up the entire game.I tryied but it still dirnt work that was all i was working with trying to make my bottons work.
I liked working on Flash on my game.It is really cool becauase it is a little complicated.I like it because it is cool it is like magic.Im planning to add more things to my game to make it more fun and interesting.I would like to add a timer,winner page,loser page,and much more.I would like to make my game a little harder so the player will get into it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Background on Flash

I finally finished drawing my background on Flash.Drawing my background on Flash took really long because i had a lot or junk food that is not healthy and that was part of my back ground.In my background i have junk food,clothes,dolls,and much more stuff that you can not eat or are not suppose to eat that much.I like my background because it is a store and i think that's the appropriate place to find junk food,healthy food,clothes,and much more.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

game design

I like my topic Heath because it can hep people understand why they should stay healthy and how to stay healthy because you cant stay healthy if you don't know what to do or eat.I think this well make a good game because there are a lot of people that are wanting to be healthy and they have no idea how to so i think this well help people.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

plaing to learn part !

I liked that game because it shows us that we can help animals by cleaning the ocean water and if we do cleanet that means that less animals die because even land animals can die if the water is polluted because they drink that water and then they die because its not cleen.I got one idea its that maybe i can do a game like that but saving land animals not ocean animals because i like land animals better so yea.

Monday, September 17, 2012

First month of school

Its been almost a month since we started school again and its been really different and here is why.The first day of school  was really confusing because one portable was one number and the other portable was  anothere number and the other portable was another number and i did not understand the directions that i was giving so i got lost about two times.Another thing that was different was that i did not have any classes with My bff so i wasn't happy about that and i was really lonely in every class.A nother thing that was really confusing and annoying was that we got are squguals worn so we had to go get them changed and then go back to class and when you would go in the class room and every body would stare at you.A nother thing that i did not lie about this school is that maybe we re not going to get out early on wendays that is messed up.Another thing that i dont like aboute this school is that after school the parking lot is all croweded and theres like room.Another thing that i did not like is that the busses are to crowded and there to full thats just not right.The last thing that i don't like is that maybe this year we aren't going to go to shilliterbaun and that is really sad.
         Some things that i did like is that is that we got new better teachers like ms.Rimes she is really good at teaching social studies,and all the other new teachers are good at explaining the subjects that they teach.Another thing that i did like is that now i have all of my classes with my bff exept first and second so im really happy that aboute thatAnother hing that i like aboute this school is that we might get to learn another language so m super exided cause of that.Thats preety much all that i like boute this school. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spirit of the marathon

A marathon is when alot of people that run for about 26 miles but only one makes it to the finish line first.I think a lot of people choose to do marathons because they want to change there weight or they just do et  for fun because some people like to run for fun and because they know that by doing that its is going to change there lives in a good way hope fully.I really liked Jerry Mayors because he at his age he still keeps on running that is just amazing because he has runed  for a long time.He really likes to run because he has runned for a long time but he had not runned for a while until her dougter wanted to run so he started to run with her so he started to run again.That is why i like his story better because he is a really strong man.People were motivated by there families or they did not even have to be motivated they just disided that they wanted to run and that is it and they were training every day they would run every day each day it would get easier for them to run a littler farder because there mussels would develop for running

Friday, May 11, 2012

My game

My final game is about  endangerment animals from the north pole.The penguin that is in the game you have to save et the penguin is in level one you have to help the penguin jump in each ice with out falling because if you fall you loose because the penguin died.In level two you do the same thing but with a seal but this time there are dangerous ice because they are broken and if you jump in them the ice well brake and you well loose so you have to get the seal to the big strong ice to.What i liked about my game is that i gored to be how i actually wanted like how i imagined to be,the game is fun,and because the animals are really cute.Things that i did not like about my game is that i did not finish the game i did not get to finish level two,level one is not quite finished it dose not go to the page that said you loose or you win,and the last thing that i did not like about the game is that the game could maybe been a little harder on level one because i think even a 3 year old could passed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Game Reflection

What i have learned through the year is that is that sometime somethings can be really hard but you just have to try and do et.Another thing that i learned this year is that it is better to work in a group because too heads is better than one and because if i do not know how to do something maybe my partner might know.The last thing that i learned is that making a game can be really challenging  but you can still do et.Something  new that learned how to do in flash is how to decorate things like make them glow and make them way prettier. I really like that because it  makes everithing look really cool.In my game i forgot to us et though.Some things that i have gotten better at is at drawing and i learned new things to that makes my drawing even easier because its like a huge short cut.Learning new stuff is really good and really fun because it makes your life much easier0.Now when i get stuck like in flash i feel more confident that i can figeret out by my self.I think because i have  used more flash now so now i feel more confident.I have learned something very inportaint while doing my game i learned that many animals are suffering because of globalwarming they are loosing there famillies and there homes and its are fault to because we keep on using cars and we donot pick up trash that what i learned.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Platform game project

I have enjoyed making this game because i have learned more about flash.I have learned that flash has a lot of things onet and i dirent really know.I have learned that i just need a little of help but i can work on flash.My favorite thing of this project is that i learned things that i dirent really know and i learned more codes and how people make games like Mario it takes lots of work to make a simple game imajen on a long game and a levels game that might take a hole year to make a level game.My least favorite thing about the game is that at the end it did not work i checked more than 7 times the actions and i had everything right well i found some mistakes but then i corrected them all and it did not work neither did Gisells so then she checked mine and i checked hers and we did not have eny more mistakes and it still dirent work so i got really frustereided and i sort of game up on the last 2 or 3 minutes of the end of class and yesterday was the last day we could check et and we had like 2 days and i still dirent find eny more mistakes so that i the least favorite thing i liked about the game.I thick the game is challenging and easy, challenging because the game did not work and easy because making the game was easy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drawing a seine

A new idea that i have for my game is to add time like when the player is jumping all of the bamboo they are going to have 30 seconds  to finish jumping all of that bamboo if not then they are going to have to start all over.All of the information i got  about  pandas and how they survive is frome , and,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas

My Christmas was not to bad because i got the thing that i most wanted;  "La Virgensita," a statue of the Virgen Mary.I really doant know why i wanted that but since i sallet in tv i wanted one so bad because it looks so cute and pretty that's what Santa gave me(my uncle).The second thing that i got for Christmas is a laptop frome my dad  i likedet because that was my frist pressent frome him because he dosent live with us he lives with some one else so i thats why i really likedet.My third present was a charger from my uncle again it was for my iPod because i been having that iPod sinse i was 10 years old but i lost the charger so i was happy that i got a charger.My fourth and last present was from my ant she got me a really pretty sweater and i likedet because i was needing a sweeter because the other ones that i had were getting to small actually my mom and ant bought the sweeter.At the end we ate lots of tamales that my grama meid she meid a ton so we dirent whant to just weist them and we tried to finish them all but there were to meny so we had extras for four more days.This Christmas was like the best Chrismas in my hole life because i got exacly what i wanted.Well thats all i did in Christmas it was a wonderful.Befor i go i want to say somthing"thank you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"ok that was it good bay :)