Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Platform game project

I have enjoyed making this game because i have learned more about flash.I have learned that flash has a lot of things onet and i dirent really know.I have learned that i just need a little of help but i can work on flash.My favorite thing of this project is that i learned things that i dirent really know and i learned more codes and how people make games like Mario it takes lots of work to make a simple game imajen on a long game and a levels game that might take a hole year to make a level game.My least favorite thing about the game is that at the end it did not work i checked more than 7 times the actions and i had everything right well i found some mistakes but then i corrected them all and it did not work neither did Gisells so then she checked mine and i checked hers and we did not have eny more mistakes and it still dirent work so i got really frustereided and i sort of game up on the last 2 or 3 minutes of the end of class and yesterday was the last day we could check et and we had like 2 days and i still dirent find eny more mistakes so that i the least favorite thing i liked about the game.I thick the game is challenging and easy, challenging because the game did not work and easy because making the game was easy.