Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lottery

If you would ask a kid to talk about there friend they would sat that it was dead or in jell because of not going to college and selling drugs.One day they did a lottery to see which kid was going to go to school and wen they pict there son the mom or dad woulde be so happy that there kid  won bet the people that  dirent get  to go to school they got disappointed and the little kids cried.There are some schools that are protecting teachers that are really good at teaching bet there protecting the teachers that are not so post to be working there because there are not good at teaching they doan't teach really good.A led was sayeng that when she was teaching 5th grade her students cu dent even read like 2graders and i think that that's not bad i think that that's  really bad.Another lady said that last year there was 10 teachers removed.Some kid's doant have a mom or a dad because they are in jell so they have to go in to that scary place to see there parent's in there just because they were selling drugs.One day they did a lottery to see which children gos to school this year when they pic kt a children kids would start cryng.I doant think it's fear to do a lottery to pick a children if they can go to school because the family's get really disappointed.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What are you proud of?

This is what I have learned.I have learned a lot of things like one of my favorite things is that Ms.Valdez is showing us how to do are own game it's  really fun  because you have to choose a topic.A topic is like your main idea of your game.My topic is called Stop Animal Abuse.I chosed this topic because i just love animals especially dogs and puppy's.This is my favorite thing that i have learned  bet it's not the only thing that i have learned i have learned a ton of more stoff  bet they won't fit on this post because what i have learned is a lot of stuff thanks to Ms.Valdez.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What are you reading?

The book that I'm reading is called Farmer Boy.I like this book because it's about a boy that has 2 sisters 1 big brother his the smallest one hes 9 years old.When they get to the school they see about 5 boys that just go to school to bully the little kids and the teachers.One time they atact one teacher and send hin to the hospetel and a fue howers later hi diad in the hospital because the bullys a tacted him.Royal is the big brother Almanzo is the smallest of all so when they got to the school and sall the bullys Royal acted that he wasent scared bet Almanzo kew that he was scared.Later they whent in side the class and starded to studie.Every body kew that the teacher wasent going to be there tomorow because the bullys were goin to bet him up and the teacher hadent a chance to win the fait.So a littel girl that was on the front starded cryaing because she was going to mis the teacher because the teacher was realy nice.One day past and that day was going to be the sadest day bet not the sadest day ever bicause they have seen the other teachers goten biten up.That's all i have read for now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Imagine Your Own Game

topic is:Animal Abuse
What 2 game genres do you think would allow you to explore this topic in a fun and engaging way?

Genre 1:Mystery
Genre 2:Action

Imagine and describe one game idea that incorporate your topic into one of these genres.

My game idea is: In my game you have to fa ind out who is bluing the animals and rescue all the animals and you have to fite all the people that wont let you save the animals and try to change your mind to not save the animals and wen you get to the animals you have to take the bad guis and give the animals to some people that you think that well take care of the animals bet some peole well try to trick you so you well have to be care ful and wen all the animals are safe you win and this well be a action game and a mistery game a action game because you well fight for the animals and a mistery game because you have to fine out who was not triting the animals good.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is how i feal about the new scetual cainda scared and nerves.I feal nerves because in ELA wen we present I'm going to be really nerves because is not the same class and not the same people and i was geding used to the other people.I'm scared because i doant now anybody i just know my friends and now I'm not going to see them that much.Bet the thing that i like is that we are going to get to meet new friends that's the thin that i like.

Monday, November 29, 2010


My favorit gebdra is Racing Runners i like this game because its fun.My favorit fact is that it tells you that you are in the seas,land and air.It is relly cool.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Why i think the Internet is important by the communication and i doant know a lot about communicating  bet i know one way to communicate in the Internet is to send messages.I think that way is a really important way to communicate.One way that is important to send a massage is because its a better way than piking up the phone and loooking the number and wayting the persen.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The book that iem reading is called The revenge of Rapunzel and i really like this book because its a comic book and iem really good at reading comics because i just think that the comic books are really cool and they aren't to easy or to hard to read that's why i like this book.Bet that's not the only reasons why i like this book its because its its sad and funny at the same time.Now iem going to tell you what the book is about is about a little girl that has a dream that some body takes her away from her real mom bet she docent see the face who it is because4 she whaycs up then she tells her mom  that she had the dream again bet her mom tells her to ignore the dreams because they take you to no wear.So she claimed a tree and sall a big jiuge wall and told her mom that there was a judge wall and if she could see was in the other side of the wall bet her mom sed that she direst need to know bet she dis oveid her and she cudent believe her ayes bet then a worker sall her and gave her a drink of water and she asked what her name was and she sed Rapunzel and taen she knew that that worker was her real mother and not the other one bet the fac mother separated them and toke Rapunzel to a really big tree and her hair groo long well this is all iem going to tell you you have t6o reea the book and fine out if ranpunzel escaips and saves her mom so reedet if you whant to know.

Friday, November 12, 2010


This is what the movie we just watched was about.Some people when they were kids they got bitten up by other kids and they had to go to the hospital to get stitches and they diren want to go to school no more because they wore scared of getting bitten up again or that other kids wer going to may fun of them.Some of the kids dirent have there parents by their sides because they were arrested or killed.Some people destroyed oders peoples homes they brund them or destroyed them by breaking doors or windows some people were scared because the bad gaise wore knocking on the doors and the people hide in the adic with there kids.A lot of family's were on the sterts because they diren have a home no more and kids did because of hunger or diseases.This is what i think about this movie.I think that it is not fear to have those strong wars because the moms and dads had to send their kids to a nother states with strangers.The good news is that when the war was over thay wer ebel to see ther kids again and the bad news is that some dirent get to thats all im going to right bay.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is the book that i em reading Rapunzel's Revenge and so far i em loving et because its a baute  a girl that doesn't know that they separated from her ral mother so she thinke that the bad women is her mom bet that she gets all suspicious because every time that she asks her not real mom she ses to  Rapuzal that she dosent ned to know.One day rapuzal  goas to that wall and sees her real mothar and thay seperate tham againe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is what i think about the movie that we watched yesterday i think that its not right to want to kill a young girl that barley has like 15 years old tats the reason why they hided on that little hose for about 2 years long.I like that gay that let them stay their during the war hi is really nice for leading them stay there bet sooner or latter the bad people wore going to fine them because not always there's a happy ending.I doant think that that city or state is really nice bet i hope that it has changed i really liked that movie it was really sad on the end because the hole family is dead not even one survives i hate that people that killed that poor and Innocent family.That's one of my faborit movies now even my mom thikes that that was toldoly not fear to kill a family just like that they dirent even give them another chance to move or something that's what my mom sed  that's all bie.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My faborit part of the mini game is that we have fun doing the game and that we all work together and if we arent on the same lebel like lets say that half of the class gets done whith the 5step and the other half of the class is stoke in that step then we doant juste live them by there loke and live theme alone the other halve of the class doas a nother thing.The thing that i doant like is that the teacher gets  mad like 1000 times.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today we made some confusing stuf  today because first we weant to the weeky and not to blogger thats the first thing that was weard because we always go to blogger firs.Some othere things we did today is a miny game that was sore of confusing because you had to do twists and turnes because first we sall a carrot that was not interesting so then we sall the carrot that cainda moved bet you cudent see that it moved you just culd see that it wasent in the same place.Thats what we did all day long.Hi i em back today i en going to tak abaute how i feal i fael kainda woried because i em not shure if iem doing et rigt.Hi iem hear again today em going to right how i feal right now today i feal not to nearbes because i now that today is a nother day and every day iem posetive that eche day can be a better day. I well tell you a nother thing why i think today mite be a better day because every time i eat launch i consentraite more and ges what today i eite launch so that meance that today i well do better on consentraiding and on followeng a long and caching up whith the group.A nother thing that i whant to right abaute is what i thinke abaute the game ok what i thinke abaute the game is that it is a littel confusing i thinke to fix that is the teacher can go a littel slower please.Today iem going to right abaute how i feel abaute what i have bin learning and how i feal abauted.This is what i thike abaute what we have been learning so far.I thike that the minny game project its a littel hard and comfusing because because the carrot is berry delecate because you cant do no mestakes because if you do a mistake the carrot well fris and it wount move and then we have to wayt for the teacher to come to you.How i feal abaute the game is a littel worried because the teacher gets some thimes so mad  and she has to yell and i doant like wen she gets mad because most its my falt sorry.Hi its me againe what i said yesterday i do menet bicause i do feel that some times its my folt  because i em the ounli one that dosent know abaute computers and that maces me feel so bet so gilti that you ms.valdes get mad and all the times its my falt.Thats why i some times em so cuallet bet i promes that today and every day i well try my best like i alwais have traide bet from now on i well try harder if  cant do better i well be so so sorry realy this is one of my favorit classes and ges why because you are are teacher the nice teacher and you are funny too i weel tel,l you wat els you are you are a smart teacher and dosent diserve a student that dosent know enithing abaute computers and that coses you problems if tou are reeding this then all i rooat  it is troo what roout this week everi thing its troo i doant know if you belive what i just root bet i whish  you do belivet.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Today we finished the movie paper clips i liked this move because its a about  people collecting paper clips for the people that died like gains,lesbians.They collected more than 1,000 paper can you belie vet that's  a lot of paper clips.I would do the same thing.What i would like to learn this week about my game is how i can find more information.How i can find out more about the topic that i chased.How can i stop the animal abuse .That is what i want to learn.So far i have learned how to do research about are topic like for example i choose animal abuse so i go to google and rite wat i want to look for and in less than 10secons i get more than 15 things about animal abuse.Some athore thing that i learned to do is to evaluate are soars isn't that cool o and if you doant know what evaluate your sords is that means to See a page and See if it is safe i think that to learn to do this is rally cool weit what em i talking about its more than cool i doant know how to named bet what i do know is that is more than cool.Some other things that i would like to learn is how are we going to do are game and wen is the teacher going to tell us how is this going to work i mean like wen we are al done what are we going to do and isn't hard its because i have a tone of questions sorry can you ensewer please.Other things that we learned this week we learned that brain pop has a lot of information almost about everything like pollution,animal abuse,bulling can you blivet that is like so cool and you can take the quize and the games bet i dirent play the games because i dirent know if we were aloude.The part that i liked the most is when the teacher tolld us that we culd go to brain pop i almost screame because i was so exaided i think i was the first one to stande up that is all bai.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One way i think comunicating in the internet is importent is sending meseges because it dosent take that long .I like sending mesegges bicause its realy esy and fast and it is not hard to send a meseje.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What i can do to be healthier is being vegetarian so that way i wudent eat meet and i wudent get sick.If i stop meet i would stoeating  killing the pore cows because the more meet we eat meet the more cows we kill.What i would do to keep the planet healthier is tell every body the harm that they aer doing by eating meet and to be vegetarians maybe they wuld lisen to me .That way we would all stop gating sick that's what i would do to be healthy.
 THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


O my gosh i canot believe that today is the dance and i em invited and i brought clothes bet i brought two pares because i dirent know which one to put on so I'm going to asked friend which one to wear and the one she tels me that's the one i well wear.I was thinking to weare boots bet a girl told that it wurent look good on me bet i really doan care what she seas i care what mai friend tels me.I think a lot of people are going to go to the dance because i cant imagine some one missing the dance well only the people that have referral's bet if you doant you should go you shouldn't miss this opportunity that's what i think.I gust cant weite until the dace well that's all i have to say .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I choose the topic animal cruelty because animals are important to me and i love animals.This topic is important to me because i care about and because i think they should respect animals because they are like humans to and they have feelings to as well as us .Just becas they cant talk for theare selfs and sai "hey doant treatos like that just because we aren like you dosent mean you have the raites to treatos like that".

                           THE END

Monday, October 11, 2010


My biggest challenge on this class is i think having good grades because this class is a little hard for me bet i love computers that's why i like this class this is one of my favorite classes.Another challenge is paing atension i really doant no why bet somtimes i just  cant pay atension the more that i try i still cant so you just have to have a little more pacdients with me sorri.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have a lot of favorite animals and i em going to tell you which  ones they are.I  love the dogs because they are so cute and because you you never feel lonely and best of all you get to play with them!!.The other faborit animal is a hores because you get to ride them and its fun to ride them i think because i have neber ride a horse before bet i think its realy fu i hope so.And the last of all is the birds i love them because they sing and some iven talk i have two birdes bet those arent the ones that talk they just sing. THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


That are geting killd. My most meaningful movie i think it was INK FOOD because i felt sad for the animals because they give thear lives so we can eat and we just eat them like if we doan care  if the we arnt kiling nabodi bet we are we are kiling alot of animals and we doant even no if they have imfections.We doant no if they are sufering or enithing  bet worst of all we doant no if peaple are daing because the meat.I  wuld love to learn more abaute how we can save the animals and how to conbens the people to stop eating meat thats wat i want to learn more abaute.Mi thoughts are that i need to help doas animals.  .


Friday, October 1, 2010

My first day on EACPA

My first day on this school was cainda scary because it was not my school and it lookd cainda big to and i thoat thear was going to be boolis and the coach and thachars wear going to be mean espasiali the coach bet i was rong thei are realy nice to me and to ebribody.I was realy nearbes because i was wondering abaute the boolis and the rules bet wat i was most worid abaute was the prinsebal maibi shes realy meane or maybe shes realy nise that`s wat i was thinking abaute.Wen it was time to go to are class i had a littel problem because i was sent to the rong class so then they sent me and a frend  to are real class rooms.At the and of the school  i sed to my mom that all of the teachers wer realli nice even coach and that the prinsipal was reali nce to and that i love this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

What i learnd so far

So far i have learnd abaut gloubal warming that is afecting us bicause we wount stop leatering and we wount recaicol atleast cans thats wat i have learnd abaut gloubal warming.In art the teachear has shoun me alot of things like some singers and artists thats wat she has shoun me.The math teacher has shounme pearcents, decimals all of the teachear have shoun me aiot of things!

Friday, September 24, 2010

soccial issues part 2

I think soccial issues part two means really bad problems like wen a tornato distrois peapels howses and peaple die inside the hose even baybes and littel kids. I think soccial issues means when alot of people dye.I think soccial issues means realy deinjeres things like some body robs a littel girl and kilet I think that means Soccial Issues.


 I think that social issues is about bad thins happening like on others peoples cities lake tornadoes, hurkanes and other things like that .Or having problems with thear family and thats what i think about soccial issues part 1 . so i  think that people are having hard times like that and thats what i think about soccial issues part one  thats all i have to say.

I whant to be a nurse wen i grow up!

Wen i grow up i want to be a nurse because i think is a really cool job because you get to help peaple and you get to hear ther hart, tell them how tall the are, and thar weith and take thar preshur and look in to thare ears.I allso whant to be a nurs because you get to protect the kids and grounups from gearms and from geting sick bet wat i dount like is gibeng shots to littel kids espeshelly babys becas i really doan like to se kids cri thats wat i dount like abaut beng a nurse.At firs i wanted to be a lower bet wen the docters came i chnged my mind because i thinked abauted thi a hear yust to chec us if we are ok thats wat changed my mind.I just cant wait to go to college so i can study how to be a nears.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The name of the game that thought me the least is nothing but net this game explores a little about basketball you cant learn anything about this game i don't think this injury is a  good to create your oun game because its to boring.It looks good and you can reed the instructions perfectly and you no what to do as a player.I wuld toldeli change the game and add a little of math onet only a little so it wont be so boring.the genera is that this game centered around basketball which titches kids about math and the physics of throwing a ball...


The name of the game that thought me the most is drift runers the soccialissuas that the game explores how to drive i donot think this is a good game to create a nother game abaute  dis game bicause  its boring.You can clearly se wear everithing goas.And you can clearly se wat you sopostto do.What i wuld do to change this game is add a littel more of action.What i wuld add more music,and maket esiar!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I wish that every kid that exists can go to college.Because if they don't go to college they well get a really bad job like working outside on the hot and in the cold that's not cool. Bet if they go to college they can get a really good job like a doctor,lower,police or a teacher those or llust some of the jobs you can get ii you go to college.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Action games

I like the game of Super Mario because i don't get board like the others because the other ones really don't have as much action.And i liket because you get to run allot jump allot . Bet wat i don't like is wen i die.That is wat i like  about the game Mario.

Friday, September 10, 2010

All about me

I em Elizabeth i have one brother i live with mi mom on a hose.We have a back yard its realy big we even have suings. And on the front its big to and we have alot of plants in the front and on the back. we have only one car its like red.The hose has three rooms and one bathroom and a living room and a garage and a big dog hose and a realy huge room.Wat i like to do after school is play that's my life.

An inconvenient Truth

Last week you watched the film An Inconvenient Truth. What was the film trying to tell you? How does global warming (climate cnge) affect you?I think that the film was traing to tell us that we shud stop littering,using cars and start using bisecles, resicle, turn off watter and pick up trash.Globa Warming can afectas becas it dosent let go of the rays of the sun that makes the Earth hoter. If you want to save the Earth you got to help.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My first week on this school was kiand of fun because the teachears are realy nice and frendly .I like my class becas i faund alot of good frends i aredi have abaut five frends and alove em are funny, frendly and nice. I like the prensipal becas shes nice and she is pretty.What I din't like are the uniforms.