Friday, August 26, 2011

Single story

To have a single story means to assume thing about how you look or,you talk,or how you act and so like if you are skin colored they might think that you are Mexican  and they well just start talking in spanish and you might might not even be Mexican or if you are Mexican but if you are light colored skin they mighty just think that you only talk in english and you might not even talk english because you might think you are Mexican.This might even get you mad or it might even heart your feelings because they are judging you by your skin color and that is not fair.I have herd a lot of  single stories like "thais time my friend went to this stor and she was with hher mom and dad and they were skind colord  so a light man colord skin sayd to them in spanish "you should not be hear you have to live because you are onlly poludig are cline are" and my frien dirent even spick spanish they were frome hear Austin so she was comfused.I herded frome my friend and i could ask her abaute more information and she well agre.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Now I know a little more about cyberbuling and iam going to tell you wat I know.I know that cyberbulling can really hert people and if you are the  one that is bulling you doant even know that you are hearting someone because you cant see them bet through that computer somebody is really getting hert.I know that cyberbulling can cause people to think of  killing them self's some parents find out on time but sadly others aren't  on time are way to laight so kids do kill them self's and that is very sad especially because they had a hole life in front of theme and so they just waisted there life because they well not be able to injoy yet so that is not fare for that pearson and the bullies won't feal berry good of them self's and if they are proud of them self that means that they really doant have a hart.If you are getting cyberbullied you can tell a groan up and they well know wat to do but doant text them bad things back because they well just know that they are hearting you so they well not stop so never text them back just tell a groan up and so they well tell some other grown up that can block them.I have never been bullied,i do not know if some won is being building iam told ally not a bullied.The movie was about this girl named Tailor that has dis two best friends but a friend traded her so she bullied Tailor and she tried to kill her self but she direntt so she went to this clinic for victims of bulling and she got a lot better so she went back to school and stud up for all of the victims of bulling that was the end.I think i could stop that if peple  just knew that it is not worthet to kill yourself  just because peole are telling you bad stuff and making fun of you that way they would stop killing them selfs because I doant think that it is worthet it just isn't or at list that is wat i think.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My firs day of 7th grade

Today Iam going to tell you how my first day of  7th grade was.My first day on 7th grade was not as bad as i thought because i was scared that i was not going to have eny classes with my friends so i was a little scared i had butterflies on my stomach it felt like if i was new in this school.I dirent really want to get out of my mom's car but i just took some big breaths and i calmed my self down.Wen i got in the school i found Jessica so we walked together to the new cafeteria the we got are scetuales and sall how many classes we had together we only had a few together so then Madison got heare and we had three classes together so i got a little disappointed because i really wanted to be  in all of her classes but then i got over et.Wen i was going to my classes i was a little frustrated because like they moved all of the classes to diferent rooms and everything that i did not know were each class was but gladly the teachers helped me so i was not tardy to any of them.I was happy because i maid a lot of new friends and got to see my old friends and by the way there are a ton of six graters so on the parking lot there is a huge traffic line it gets really annoying that is wat i doant like about the school it is not the bad annoyng the good annoying.Bay.