Friday, October 14, 2011

Darfure is dieng (diffrent movie)

          What i learned by paleyng the game Darfur is Dieing is this.I learned that people get killed a lot and that if they trap you getting water They take you with them and Kalle you or if you are a girl the rape you or abuse you.
         No i do not think that the characters have enihing different because they are all suffering the same suffer.I think that the pearson that made that game diret like that with alot of carachters so you could see that i lot of people have to go get water and they get killed well not all ove them.

         I think that they madde the game aboute going to there houses because it was informative so you coulde see what you have to do.A nothere is so you coulde see how much watere they need.e
        I think that they put that you coulde send a messege to the president or puted on facebook because they whant to spred the world and becasue they whant the presedent to know what is happening.
         The game helped me understand the game because it showes you how dengres it is to go get water because you can get killed.The other one is because youi coule see that wen you go get water every body is counting on you because every one and every thing needs water to survive.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darfur is dieng

    I learned a lot of things on that movie and that game like.On Darfur is not fear because the army can just take people when they whant and even attack the innocent people even kisd and babyes.Because of that kids what revenge and i doant think that it is right for a kid to whant revenge on othere people that is just not right.Also i learn that a lot of people and kids get killed because they just go and get water and they have to be hidding because if they see them then the boys well get killed and the grils well get raped i feal really sorryfor the people who gor raped and killed.Thats what i learned.
       I  think the game affected more on me because i coulde feal what they were going through and because you coulde see what they were doing and how the truck followd them .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miny game

I would like my game to be a action game because i love wen it has action.I like action games because they are relly cool because you run and soemtimes you have a lot of action a real lot action.Soem time i like mystery because you get to look for stuff and it is fun only some times.I really doant know what els to put bye.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Be The Change

On Saturday we went to PEACE PARK it was really fun because i got to help plants and people and i got to be with my friends adn have fun at the same time.When we were all done i fealt REALLY  produde of my sellf and every body because we just didi some thing good for the envoyerment and yes it was kainda hard but it was really fun at the same time because i got to help the comiuniti with my best friends so it was pretty cool so that maide me feal really happy,suprised,andproude of my self.I would really love to do a nothere serves learning projet but this time if we coulde i would lovet if we coulde do a serves learning project on animals helping animals because i think it woulde be really fun and intresting at the same time.On saturday we had a coise we couled ethere lode the wagend of dirt,take the wagens with the dirt to the trees and bring them back,water the plants,and spred the dirt i chuse to loade the wagens with dert because i thought that it was going to be fun and ges what it was fun because i coulde loade the wagens with my friend.Thats what we did on Saturday it was really fun one of the best serves learning trips we had :>!!!!!!!!!