Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drawing a seine

A new idea that i have for my game is to add time like when the player is jumping all of the bamboo they are going to have 30 seconds  to finish jumping all of that bamboo if not then they are going to have to start all over.All of the information i got  about  pandas and how they survive is frome , and,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Christmas

My Christmas was not to bad because i got the thing that i most wanted;  "La Virgensita," a statue of the Virgen Mary.I really doant know why i wanted that but since i sallet in tv i wanted one so bad because it looks so cute and pretty that's what Santa gave me(my uncle).The second thing that i got for Christmas is a laptop frome my dad  i likedet because that was my frist pressent frome him because he dosent live with us he lives with some one else so i thats why i really likedet.My third present was a charger from my uncle again it was for my iPod because i been having that iPod sinse i was 10 years old but i lost the charger so i was happy that i got a charger.My fourth and last present was from my ant she got me a really pretty sweater and i likedet because i was needing a sweeter because the other ones that i had were getting to small actually my mom and ant bought the sweeter.At the end we ate lots of tamales that my grama meid she meid a ton so we dirent whant to just weist them and we tried to finish them all but there were to meny so we had extras for four more days.This Christmas was like the best Chrismas in my hole life because i got exacly what i wanted.Well thats all i did in Christmas it was a wonderful.Befor i go i want to say somthing"thank you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"ok that was it good bay :)