Wednesday, November 16, 2011

papa`s pizzaria

I played a game that you have to make pizzas for the clients and i kept on getting frustrated because there is a like four steps and so i keeps on doing the wrong the clients kept on getting mad at me and they would not pay meat all so now I'm mad at them because why do they have to ask to much things?Then there are alot of costumers and so if i do not hurry up they well go away.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bee game

If  I could do an action game aboute what is happining to the bees the game woulde be like this.I would have a bee talk to this scintist or something and the bee well tell the scientist that all of his fammily is dieng and his friend are ding to.The scientist well gather more people and together they well inbistageit what is happining to the bees and they well ask people that they take care of the bees and talk to them and they well introuviuew them to see if they had seen enithing weard but your job well be to protect the bee because all sorts of people well try and kill the poor bee because they hate bees.That well be my game.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Choosing a topic

I choose the topic grizzly bears because i think that bears are really interesting by the ways that they eat and they act.What i love about grizzly bears is that they are really gentle with there cubs.What is so amassing about grizzly bears is that when the males and females meided the males live and live the female by its self knowing that they are pregnant and then in the winter is when a new bear is born and they first see the wight blanket falling in the ground that is the snow.yo can find all this information on