Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sea world\shlitterbon

Yesterday was one of my best days because I went so sea world and it was so fun and every body was really hipper.There was a lot of  rides there was a ride that was called the great white shark and another one that was called steal eal those were my favorite ones but my very favorite one is great white shark because is has loops onet.The rides that I got on was a little river one,horses,and a fish one ,the other one I dirent really ride dis one I  just sanded there and I would get wet really wet.Those were the rides that were my favorite.On Friday i am going to go to shlitterbon because i got no referrals.It is going to be so exiting because it is going to be my first time going there bet I'm not going to be with my friends because they got refealds I'm the only one that did not got refeals.I'm so exited i cant wait.