Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Design blog

My team and i were not sure what are topic we were going to do but we finally decided to do monkeys. We chose monkeys because who dosnt like monkeys?,we think monkeys are awesome because they have really smart brains,and they can climb trees.We also chose monkeys because some are even going extinct because of tree killing the paper that you write in every day is made of animals homes its made of trees and thats were alot of animals live so every time a tree is cut down probalbly a animal dies.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Game Idea

I researched a lot of organizations but only one really caught my attention it is called Minis and Friends.This organization is about little cute adorable pony's that go around the world to visit hospitals there the patients get to see and touch the pony's and be happy.The little pony's have been trained for alot of years so there is no risk of getting hurt when you touch the pony's.It doesn't matter how old you are if you are a baby or a elderly pearson you can still be with the pony's.I really liked that organization because people in the hospital that are sick and worried about there health they can forget that they are in a boring old hospital at list for a few minuets because really i don't know anybody that enjoys being in a hospital doing nothing so they can be unbored and happy for a few minuets at list.I still haven't really thinked about any game ideas but if i was to make a game on that organization it would be like people in a hospital bored and you would have to help the pony's get to the hospital without getting hurt because they have to cross streets and stuff like that but you would have to be fast too because they have to be on time.I think i would try to include a timer.score keeping and i think music as well so that way the player will have fun is the link if you want to reed about the pony's :).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

links :)
            I like this website because its about helping animals by finding them a home and is saying what dogs like to do.It also tells you that dogs do not like to be bossed around especially by around little kids.
          I like this website because it is talking about children that don't have a home and people help them get a permanent family.Meanwhile they are looking for a good family for the kid they feed him and give them everything they need.

        I REALLY like this website because it is talking about this people that g around with horses to hospitals and places like that are at because they are sick.The pony's helps the sick people by cheering them up.
        I liked this website because it is talking about people helping women if they get abused it dose not matter what tipe of abuse if it is sexual abuse or physical abuse and i know that alot of people go thro that but now thay can be supported on standing up for themselves.
     I like this website because it is telling you why you should not be driving if you are drunk beca use you can crash and posibly die.A lot of people do this so i think that people go reed that website so they can undrestand that is is bad do drive if you are drunk even if you dont think that youre drunk you probably are.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing to learn part 2

What i learned from the Choice  of games and genres is that games that are action are more fun and interesting because when you loose you just want to play again you don't want to just quit because you are into the game.Some game features that i noticed was that they all have a enemy ether like a person or a thing but they all have a obstacle and some games are really confusing.I have some questions: If we are making a action game do we have to have a obstacle?.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The most important thing i want my players to learn is that it is really important that they eat healthy that yes maybe junk food tastes way better than healthy food but junk food is bad for you and your body healthy food can help you grow and be smarter.I didn't really do much recherche about healthy food but i do know that healthy food can help you on a lot of stuff.I had a lot of ideas on how to make this game and all of them were awesome but i stayed with the simple idea because that way it wouldn't be as hard.The most difficult part of this game was getting all the timer to work and i still haven't gotten it to work and i don't know why because i checked the actions a bunch of times and everything is correct and i started all over an bunch of times too and i did everything correct but it still didn't work.

Friday, November 16, 2012

game ingredientrs

I faced a lot of problems because i tried to put a timer on my game but sosehow it would mess up the hole game so i had to kinda start all over from scrach.But i still dirnt get the buttons to work because every time it would mess up the entire game.I tryied but it still dirnt work that was all i was working with trying to make my bottons work.
I liked working on Flash on my game.It is really cool becauase it is a little complicated.I like it because it is cool it is like magic.Im planning to add more things to my game to make it more fun and interesting.I would like to add a timer,winner page,loser page,and much more.I would like to make my game a little harder so the player will get into it.