Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miny Game

Today e were soppose to finish are miny game.A miny game is like a video gamme but little and it onlly has a bunny,carrot,wolf,aand a pizza so it is not to fun to play but i well tell you wat is fun aboute the miny game.When it is fun is wen you get to make all the pictures move and go back thats it thats the fun part the frustereiding part is wen you paste a action and it dosent work and you cheket with a nothere pearson and it is the same and hers workes but yours dosent o my god i just got frusteraided just sainet.A nothere good part is wen you get to help your neighbor for the first time.Now the wors part of  alll the miny game if forgetting you flash drive at your house on the last day that you coulde work onet and even more if  you diret more than have way by you sellf tahts the worst part of all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Children of Heaven

On Friday we finished watching the movie Children of Heaven and iam going to give you a summary what it was aboute:).A boy named Aly had his sister's shoes and so he went shpping for food and somebody stole the shes so now her sister has no shes to go to school with so Aly told his sister to not worry because they can share shoes sinse she goase to school first she can take his shoes and hi well be weiting for her and they well trade shes so then he enters a racing competetion of running so if he winnes thred plase he coulde win a pare of snikers but he dose not win thred place he winnes firs pals so wen he goase home he is sad asn so is his sister.

I thought at firs that Mouslems were mine and aggresive but when I sall this movie I sall that they are pretty nice acctually,I thought that they woulde alwayse be killing peole but no they were all nice to each othere,i thought that they would alwaise be planning to heart the american people or othere people frome countries but no they onlly woring aboute getting to school early,mony,and clothes so they were nothing like i thought they would be like they are preaty nice.I think Ali is really nice,carring,sensitive ,and helpful because he gives things ti her sister that she might like or that he winnes at  school,tried to get stuff his familly might need that is why i think Alli is all that that i said.
Coulture of irian I chose this artical because it discrbes really well
To best understand Iran, its related societies and its people, one must first attempt to acquire an understanding of its culture. It is in the study of this area where the Iranian identity optimally expresses itself. Hence the first sentence of prominent Iranologist Richard Nelson Frye's latest book on Iran reads:

"Iran's glory has always been its culture." [1]
Iranians were not only open to other cultures, but freely adapted to all they found useful. Thus an eclectic cultural elasticity has been said to be one of the key defining characteristics of the Persian spirit and a clue to its historic longevity.[2] Furthermore, Iran's culture has manifested itself in several facets throughout the history of Iran as well as that of Central Asia.
The article uses the words Persian and Iranian interchangeably, sometimes referring to the language and its speakers, and other times referring to the name of pre-20th century Iran, a nomenclature which survives from western explorers and orientalists. Both are not the same however, and the cultures of the peoples of Greater Persia are the focus of this article.