Thursday, September 27, 2012

game design

I like my topic Heath because it can hep people understand why they should stay healthy and how to stay healthy because you cant stay healthy if you don't know what to do or eat.I think this well make a good game because there are a lot of people that are wanting to be healthy and they have no idea how to so i think this well help people.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

plaing to learn part !

I liked that game because it shows us that we can help animals by cleaning the ocean water and if we do cleanet that means that less animals die because even land animals can die if the water is polluted because they drink that water and then they die because its not cleen.I got one idea its that maybe i can do a game like that but saving land animals not ocean animals because i like land animals better so yea.

Monday, September 17, 2012

First month of school

Its been almost a month since we started school again and its been really different and here is why.The first day of school  was really confusing because one portable was one number and the other portable was  anothere number and the other portable was another number and i did not understand the directions that i was giving so i got lost about two times.Another thing that was different was that i did not have any classes with My bff so i wasn't happy about that and i was really lonely in every class.A nother thing that was really confusing and annoying was that we got are squguals worn so we had to go get them changed and then go back to class and when you would go in the class room and every body would stare at you.A nother thing that i did not lie about this school is that maybe we re not going to get out early on wendays that is messed up.Another thing that i dont like aboute this school is that after school the parking lot is all croweded and theres like room.Another thing that i did not like is that the busses are to crowded and there to full thats just not right.The last thing that i don't like is that maybe this year we aren't going to go to shilliterbaun and that is really sad.
         Some things that i did like is that is that we got new better teachers like ms.Rimes she is really good at teaching social studies,and all the other new teachers are good at explaining the subjects that they teach.Another thing that i did like is that now i have all of my classes with my bff exept first and second so im really happy that aboute thatAnother hing that i like aboute this school is that we might get to learn another language so m super exided cause of that.Thats preety much all that i like boute this school.