Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pact

What i learned from the movie is that what you see in the street's is not always good for you like if you see some people having drugs doant pay attention to them you can be better than that.Yes i did have a little connection with the movie the connection is that when ever i get a good grade my mom bays me ace crweam or wat ever i want be t not to spencive that's my connection.I do have a quastion did the little gril get enny better.I really liked this movie because the kid was relly brevev because hi dirent have a dad bet he dirent stop just for that he kept going to school and studyd relly hard and joinded sports.The mom was relly brave to because to her child she was a mom and a dad to and still she kept going and she had a relly sick dotter bet that dirent stop her that's wat i relly like abaut this movie.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What are you reading?

The book that I'm reading is called Bone.I like this kind of book's  because is not to hard or to easy to reed is just the perfect kind of level that i like to reed.So far is about a little  kriter that is called Bone and has 2 friends one is reach and the other 1 is cainda dome and they have a friend that is a live or some thing and is really tine and they have a  friend that is a lady and her garama there were they live some ivel rats distroid there home so now theres nothing on there and so they are really sad.What i like most about the book is that Bone is kainda small bet his really breve.I really doant have a connection with the  book that I'm reading bet i think if some one is in trubel i think Bone is going to save them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break

My winter break was kinda fun because on chritsmas i got some clothes and the best part a Nintendo dsi .My little bother got a fire fairer truck and 2 racing car's and like a puzzle were the car race so the cars could race.My mom got a machine to make juice or some thing.On new year we went to my garama's hose which i doant that much and my garama made tamales,posole ponche,,and tacos it was rally good.I really doant know if  I'm glad to come back  I'm and I'm not glad.Yes because i was a littele bord on the hose just waching tv and because i can waik up late.No because i have to wake up early,do homework,right alot and because the classes are a little borin sometimes.Sinse i have more resens for no i ges i'm not to happy to come back to school.Well bay.