Tuesday, January 8, 2013

links :)

            I like this website because its about helping animals by finding them a home and is saying what dogs like to do.It also tells you that dogs do not like to be bossed around especially by around little kids.

          I like this website because it is talking about children that don't have a home and people help them get a permanent family.Meanwhile they are looking for a good family for the kid they feed him and give them everything they need.


        I REALLY like this website because it is talking about this people that g around with horses to hospitals and places like that are at because they are sick.The pony's helps the sick people by cheering them up.
        I liked this website because it is talking about people helping women if they get abused it dose not matter what tipe of abuse if it is sexual abuse or physical abuse and i know that alot of people go thro that but now thay can be supported on standing up for themselves.

     I like this website because it is telling you why you should not be driving if you are drunk beca use you can crash and posibly die.A lot of people do this so i think that people go reed that website so they can undrestand that is is bad do drive if you are drunk even if you dont think that youre drunk you probably are.

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