Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Game Idea

I researched a lot of organizations but only one really caught my attention it is called Minis and Friends.This organization is about little cute adorable pony's that go around the world to visit hospitals there the patients get to see and touch the pony's and be happy.The little pony's have been trained for alot of years so there is no risk of getting hurt when you touch the pony's.It doesn't matter how old you are if you are a baby or a elderly pearson you can still be with the pony's.I really liked that organization because people in the hospital that are sick and worried about there health they can forget that they are in a boring old hospital at list for a few minuets because really i don't know anybody that enjoys being in a hospital doing nothing so they can be unbored and happy for a few minuets at list.I still haven't really thinked about any game ideas but if i was to make a game on that organization it would be like people in a hospital bored and you would have to help the pony's get to the hospital without getting hurt because they have to cross streets and stuff like that but you would have to be fast too because they have to be on time.I think i would try to include a timer.score keeping and i think music as well so that way the player will have fun is the link if you want to reed about the pony's :).

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